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"All three works are played with passion and impeccable interpretive understanding and bravura."--The Advocate Weekly

"Sometimes, the way he plays with the sound of a single note has enough emotional sustenance in it to launch a half-dozen distinct feelings in quick succession."      --The Philadelphia Inquirer

"The cellist’s variable tone ... sometimes seems almost vocal in its ability to morph into different timbres."
--The Philadelphia Inquirer

"transcendentally gorgeous"
--Manhattan User's Guide

"Grabois' tone is rich, then pungent and penetrating."       --Audiophilia

"Their lines are as transparent as glass, yet are fused with a tender warmth."
--The Glens Falls Post-Star

"...utterly pellucid, and unerringly shaped."
--Bay Area Reporter



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Recording as Performance
by T.Kaori Kitao (from CD liner notes)



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